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Children Ministry


Our primary class is taught purely in Chinese (Mandarin). This class is for any young children 5 and under. For those with children who cannot stay by themselves, we have space provided for parent(s) or guardian(s) to stay with their child(ren).


Our senior class is taught in both English and Chinese.  It is for children ages 5-8.


This class is for all kids ages 9 to 12, it is taught in English, so those who can read, write and understand basic English are welcome to join us. For those who may have difficulties understanding English fluently, our leaders will be more than welcome to help you translate or find another class that is more suitable!

At OROLCC, we aim to create a safe environment where kids can have fun while discovering their passion for God. We hope that every child will find their place at church, a place where they feel loved and included. If you want to join us in making a difference in our children's lives, why wait? Volunteer today!


If you have any questions or want to know more about our Children Ministry, please feel free to contact us

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