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Ottawa River of Life Christian Church is one of River of Life Christian Church's daughter churches. OROLCC was established under the leadership of Rev. Kevin Zhang in 2009 to fulfill the vision and mission from God to build a glorious church in the 21st century. This is a continuation of the vision and mission received by Rev. Tong Liu of our mother church and Rev. Zhao at Bread of Life Christian Church in Taiwan.

We believe that a glorious church begins with each individual's life. The development of all-rounded individuals depends on four major levers – Worship & Praise, Renewal by the Holy Spirit, Cell Church, and Glocal Transformation. We believe that God will continue to send miraculous changes and blessings to our families, communities and nations through each of us. The building of a glorious church is not a slogan in vain. It is the channeling of blessings from God to more individual lives, families, work places, communities, ethnic groups, and even to the whole world. It is to make a difference in Ottawa, Canada, and beyond by the persistent hard work of Ottawa River of Life Christian Church. And all of these start with you and me.

We are very proud to be apart of this wonderful ROLCC Family. 


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